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The history of the city of Salzburg leads back to the Neolithic period, in which about 15 BC, the first Celtic hilltop settlements were abandoned and the building of the Roman city Iuvavum was begun.

During the Roman period of settlement Salzburg became an important role in the Roman province Noriucum and fulfilled important task for Rome,- especially when the so cale "Munizipalrecht" was awarded by the Emperor Claudius 45 AD.

After giving up the province Noricum 488 AD however, the decline of the Roman city Iuvavum started by the ordered withdrawal of Odoacer. In the 6th Century followed the occupation by the Bavarians and the Roman city was 696 given to Bishop Rupert by the Duke Theo II. Saint Rupert founded today's St. Peter's and aswell he founded oldest Christian Fraunekloster the world with uninterrupted tradition of the "Benedictine nunnery Nonnberg" about the year 711 / 715 back from.

The city of Salzburg was declared to the chair city of a bishop in 739 by St. Boniface, in this consequence of Abbot and Bishop Virgil of Ireland (746-784). In the year 798 during the reign of Karl the Great Salzburg was chair city of the regions of Bavaria, Upper Palatinate, and vast regions of present-day Austria.

996 Salzburg was awarded the right to mint coins and to have a market and so it became by Emperor Otto III a "city" ;- thus Salzburg is the oldest of Austria in the medieval sense of justice, even if obtained for Vienna and Enns city earlier written legal documents.