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famous people of the city


Mozart ist most likely the most famous preson born in Salzburg´s old town. Mozart was born on 27th Jannuary 1756 in the famous pedestrian area Getreidegasse. His marvelous composed classical sounds are often played in Salzburgs festival halls and all around the city. All his operas and sinfonies are most famous for classical music.

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Bishop Rupert

The holy Bishop Ruper is the first bishop of Salzburg and is still nowadays the patron saint of the city. Historically there are in particular 2 buildings in Salzburg linking back to ancient history. One of them is the oldest wemen abbey.

Saint Rupert was in his time an important missionary in Salzburg proclaiming the Christian faith. Every year to honor Salzburg´s patron there is the Ruperti Kirtag,- a small and nice fair in the city centre and around the Salzburg Cathedral and Residence place.

other famous figures of the city

  • Bischof Virgil
  • Wolf- Dietrich von Raitenau
  • Markus Sittikus
  • Paris Lodron
  • Erzbischof Guidobald Graf Thun
  • Hieronymus Graf Colloredo